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Lockdown Boredom Breakers You Might Not Have Tried Yet

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Lockdown Boredom Breakers You Might Not Have Tried Yet

Way back in March 2020 when it was announced we would be going into a national lockdown, our social media seemed filled to the brim with fun things to do to keep minds occupied. We were baking, making foamed coffees, zoom quizzes galore, combined with the sunny skies, it seemed like we would be able to get through this. “It’ll be over by Christmas,” we said.

Now here we are in lockdown 3.0 almost a year on, with no clear end in sight. Although things are starting to look brighter, we are, at least for the time being, confined to our homes and bubbles. So what do you do with all this time stuck indoors? Here are 10 Lockdown activities for when you’ve done all the activities.

Learn a new tech skill

Now is a great time to pick up a new skill. Fancy learning to code? Coding is the language of the internet and could open a range of opportunities for you. Sites such as CodeAcademy and Courses Plus are a great place to start.


Not only is this a great way to break up your day, it is great for your body and mind. There are a plethora of free classes on Youtube to get you started. Some research has shown that yoga has helped to reduce distress, anxiety and tiredness as well as emotional and social well being.

Get crafty

Step aside banana bread, we’re upping the ante in Lockdown 3.0. Ever wanted to learn how to make pottery, candles, or how to use watercolour paints? There are hundreds of crafty boxes available for you to try, along with online classes from experts.

Take a virtual tour

Get lost inside some of the worlds finest museums, ruins and historic buildings. Top London art galleries and museums to the International Space Station are all available for you to spend a virtual afternoon in.
Plan ahead - It might not seem like there is an end to lockdown, but give yourself something to look forward to. Plan a holiday, a staycation, or a garden get together with family and friends. You can hire one of our inflatable hot tubs for this too!


We’re all doing our best to get outside for our hour of exercise, so why not try listening to a podcast or audiobook while on your walk/run/cycle/trip to the supermarket? Spotify and Apple podcasts have thousands to choose from, and Audible gives you new audiobooks every month.

Update your space

Now is the perfect time for this. Marie Kondo your clothes and donate them to a charity, or sell them if you no longer need them. Tackle the cupboard that you have been putting off for months because you're scared of what is in there.

Get outside

Remember to get outdoors. Schedule your lunch breaks and go for a walk, even if it's 15 minutes or so. It's easy to sit indoors all day right now, however it has been shown that getting fresh air outdoors will improve your concentration, sleep, and overall mental health.

Send a letter

Put pen to paper and send someone a hand written letter. Use old photos turned into postcards and put a smile on someone's face by letting them know you are thinking of them.

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