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Benefits of Hiring a Hot Tub

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Benefits of Hiring a Hot Tub

We all long for that idyllic scene after a long week. You get home, a quick change, pour yourself something cold and bubbly, and head out for a soak in the hot tub. Aaaahhhhh the dream. However for a lot of us, the idea of owning a hot tub is a stark contrast to our reality. Lack of garden space, the cost and time of maintenance and upkeep, and what do you do with it when it's not being used?

This is where we come in. Hiring a hot tub cannot be simpler and easier, not to mention more cost effective. Here are the top benefits of hiring a hot tub vs owning one.

The most staggering difference between hiring vs owning is cost. Hiring a hot tub from us starts from £125 for 4 days. This includes everything down to matting if needed. The costs for owning a hot tub can vary depending on size, frequency of use, but here is a simple breakdown:

Cost of purchase: £600-£5k+Heating: Approx. £300-£350 per year
Water costs (avg): A typical hot tub will also contain around 1500 litres of water so you will likely use (allowing for regular topping up after usage) around 6,500 litres of water per year.
Maintenance costs: £30-50 per maintenance visit from an engineer monthly, or one off/emergencies can be up to £200
Insurance: This can range from £100-£250 per year
Insulation covers £200 avg.
Replacement parts (Filters): £250-300 per year

All these costs can add up, especially if you try to cut corners. Take the hassle and stress out of it and hire one and let us take care of everything, so you can focus on the important part, relaxing.


So you buy your fancy hot tub and you're the talk of the neighbourhood. But what happens after the novelty of having it wears off? Most people use their hot tub regularly for around 2 weeks after purchase. Then, because it is always available, it becomes a low priority to go out and use it as "we can always go in tomorrow." Before you know it, you've got a tub full of pond water. Once this happens, the tub has to be drained and cleaned and given a full "shock treatment" of chlorine and algaecide. But once you have an algae and mould problem, it never goes away. And don't forget, this draining, cleaning and refilling cycle takes several hours and you have to wait a day for it to get back up to temperature. When you hire a hot tub all of this is taken away. No upkeep, no maintenance, no hassle. Just sit back and relax in your tub. Cocktail optional.


For most people, space is at a premium in the back garden. Having a permanent fixture of a hot tub in the garden is to greatly reduce the amount of remaining usable space, and may require additional work such as permanent decking. Not to mention pumps etc will need sufficient power.

Hiring a hot tub couldn't be simpler in this aspect. Not only do we install and dismantle your hot tub, but we will ensure it is done to the highest standard and will minimal impact on space. After your weekend is done, your garden space is returned to normal.

But, you may ask, is this really a problem with an inflatable hot tub? I can just put it away when I don't want to use it, right? Well the real answer to that is yes and no. Yes, you can just drain the tub and deflate it. You can't just "put it away" though. Once it's drained, if you are not going to reuse it within a week or so, it must be thoroughly dried before storing. This means leaving it inflated inside for around 72 hours in a warm conservatory, or maybe even longer if you don't have a particularly warm room in the house. You can't just leave your hot tub up and empty in the garden. If it rains it gets wet and if it's windy it can blow away, not to mention neighbourhood cats wandering in and clawing at it and puncturing the hot tub.

All of the above will take time. Emptying your tub, cleaning it, changing filters, maintaining chemical levels, it all takes up your time. Do you have the time to maintain and upkeep your hot tub, as well as the finances? Of course, you could pay someone to maintain your tub, but that is another cost to add on to owning your tub. Why bother with that when you can hire one and have all of this taken care of. Hiring your hot tub means you have peace of mind knowing you have a safe, hygienic, up to date model with everything already thought of, so you can relax and unwind with friends and family. Talk to us today about hiring one of our tubs.

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