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Banish the boredom in Lockdown with these fun activities

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Banish the boredom in Lockdown with these fun activities

We all know that staying home right now is vital, but lockdown is anything but a walk in the park, especially in the cold winter months where outdoors activities are limited. The hours seem to stretch on and on, and there is only so much Netflix and social media we can handle. We’ve attempted to deliver you from boredom with our bucket list, filled with creative, family friendly, fun and inspiring activities to make the most of your time indoors.

1. Construct the greatest pillow fort of all time in your living room. Don't forget the password.
2. Visit Disneyland virtually and try every single ride
3. Hire a hot tub and have a date night/girls night/night in the garden watching the stars/because you can.
4. Magic your way out of a virtual escape room
5. Livestream a music concert in your living room
6. Refresh your wardrobe by upcycling or donating old clothes
7. Hop on a tour of the world’s greatest art galleries
8. Get your culture fix with the Royal Opera House’s upcoming streamed productions
9. Become a guitar hero with Fender’s free lessons
10. Watch every David Attenborough nature documentary, bonus points for watching the Zoo Quest archives.
11. Recreate a famous landmark using objects from around the house
12. Finally understand how to use TikTok – all the kids are doing it, you know
13. Raise money for charity - running, walking, watching shows raising money, or sponsoring a friend.
14. Turn your room into an urban jungle with real or fake plants
15. Watch the Northern Lights on this breathtaking live stream
16. Redecorate your home
17. Take a weekend off social media
18. Lose friends and alienate people with a game of online Cards Against Humanity
19. Kick back with an audiobook read by your favorite people.
20. Design your very own lockdown cocktail, preferably with an overly dramatic name.
21. Reorganise your bookshelves in the most colourful way possible
22. Wander the ancient cities of the world without leaving your bed
23. Indulge your wanderlust with a virtual tour of the US National Parks
24. Wander round Greenwich’s marvellous Painted Hall
25. Stream The Globe’s past Shakespeare productions for free
26. Adopt a grandparent and help them beat loneliness
27. Learn a new language (bonus points awarded for the most obscure ones possible)
28. Study the night sky and learn how to identify constellations
29. Order in Afternoon Tea
30. Rewatch the National Theatre’s best productions
31. Master a new skill - cooking, flower arranging, making candles, pottery, gardening, you get the idea.
32. Meditate (At least once)
33. Create spectacular doughnuts at home using Doughnut Time’s DIY kits
34. Have a virtual costume party with all the wackiest outfits you can muster
35. Watch every Marvel film in the correct canonical order
36. Launch yourself back into the Wizarding World with Harry Potter at Home
37. Gather the gang for a Netflix session with this handy browser extension
38. Get really good at public speaking (hey, it might come in handy)
39. Spend hours watching cute animals on live camera feeds
40. Learn ‘The Routine’ from Friends (If you know you know)
41. Brush up your photography skills with Nikon’s free online classes
42. Marvel at the flips, dives, and tricks of Cirque du Soleil with their fabulous online show
43. Do paint by numbers and then pass them off as your own artistic brilliance.
44. Launch crazy science experiments using only ingredients found in your kitchen - mentos and diet coke anyone?
45. Catch up on the Netflix original programmes that everyone’s talking about

Remember, this won't last forever even though it might not feel like it right now. Until then, stay home and stay safe, and keep busy with this list of activities.

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